Marilyn and Bo’s lovely low country wedding

It was ridiculously hard for me to pick just a handful of photos for this blog entry. Marilyn has been a dear friend to me for over seven years, and since she’s been dating Bo, I’ve never seen her happier. Of course I had to shoot their wedding! Luckily, Marilyn’s friend Elena is a super talented shooter, and she photographed the wedding with me as a present to Marilyn and Bo. I also got my buddy Martin to help out so Elena and I could put down our cameras and the reception.

Marilyn’s parents hosted the wedding and reception at their property on the marsh just outside of Savannah, Georgia. Along with homemade pies, a low country boil and an oyster bake added to the beautiful southern flavor of their event. Marilyn made preserves and pickled veggies for wedding favors and a blues band played while everyone sipped on southern signature cocktails. Wow, what a great wedding! Here are a few of my favorites.

Marilyn's dress was her mother's wedding dress.

This is one of many, many beautiful shots by the crazy-talented Elena Gorelik.

Elena takes a break from her photos to help Marilyn with make up.

We took this when Marilyn and Bo saw each other for the first time. Marilyn's dad hung the swing for the wedding, and she added the rainbow streamers.

We walked down to the marsh for some photos before the ceremony.

Marilyn and her dad made this sign for the event.

Getting ready to walk down the aisle!

Bo's mom performed the nuptials, and both sides of the family performed music for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we walked back to the marsh for more photos. This is one of my favorites!

There were no "official" mother-son, father-daughter dances but Martin got a great shot of Marilyn dancing with her dad.

One last shot before going to the after party!

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