Family photos of Pepin, Wayne and Ronan

I love photographing this family! I shot Pepin and Wayne’s wedding in 2010. You might recognize them from the cover photo of my Facebook page. I photographed Ronan when he was 6 months old, and his adorable photo is now on my business card. So, I was so excited to do some family photos of them. We met at the Fernbank Museum for the first half of the pictures and then went to Bessie Branham Park in Kirkwood for a few more. I’ve found that 1-3 year olds are some of the most challenging kiddos to photograph, but with a little patience, we got some great shots.


Wayne and Ronan at the Fernbank


Ronan at the Fernbank


Pepin, Ronan and Wayne at Bessie Branham Park.


Ronan playing at Bessie Branham Park.


What a cutie!

Stacia and Jason’s lovely Decatur Courthouse wedding

I’ve known Stacia for years and years… maybe 8? I was so flattered when she asked me to photograph her and Jason’s wedding at the Historic Decatur Courthouse. I had never shot there before, and it’s beautiful. It was really, really cold the day of their wedding, so I’m hoping the next one I shoot there, we will get some more outdoor photos. They were troopers for staying outside as long as they did! Stacia and Jason’s choreographed dance was amazing! I’m so glad I got great shots of that. Their caterer, Ocean Catering did an amazing job with the food and details!

Stacia and Jason’s lovely Decatur Courthouse wedding(720p) from Bonnie Heath on Vimeo.

Amy and Kelly’s beautiful fall Trolley Barn wedding

Amy and Kelly are both actors, and that made them so much fun to photograph! Their wedding was at Inman Park’s lovely Trolley Barn. It was a little too cold for the ceremony to be outside, but we got some great photos outdoors! I loved their details so much. Here is the video with my favorite shots.

Amy and Kelly’s fall Trolley Barn wedding(720p) from Bonnie Heath on Vimeo.

Pickwick family photos

I photographed the Pickwick family at Tribble Mill Park in Grayson, GA. This park is HUGE! There were so many lovely places to shoot, and this family couldn’t have been nicer. Their youngest daughter Kate helped pick the style for everyone’s attire, and I think we got some great shots.

Dee and Aaron’s Day of the Dead mountaintop wedding

Dee has been my friend for almost 10 years, so of course I photographed her totally awesome Día de Muertos themed wedding! She and Aaron are a great match and incredibly photogenic to boot. A thousand thank yous to Addison Hill for helping me photograph this wedding, and to my hubby for wrangling our toddler all day so that I could shoot.

Dee and Aaron’s Day of the Dead Wedding-HD (720p) from Bonnie Heath on Vimeo.

Sankey family shoot in Freedom Park

I photographed the Sankey family in Freedom Park. I love shooting there because although it’s in the middle of the city, it feels like a wide open field. Jennifer Sankey was such a great collaborator on this shoot. She dressed her family so beautifully, and brought props that would help keep the kids happy and also made for some lovely photos. Here are a few of my favorites.

Elizabeth and Alan’s Big Canoe wedding

Elizabeth and Alan got hitched at Big Canoe in the north Georgia mountains. Both of their families were so amazingly nice, I wanted to ask, “Will you guys adopt me?!” Their ceremony was in the chapel at Big Canoe, and their reception at the Chimneys. What a beautiful place for a wedding! Thanks to Addison Hill for lending me his talent for this event.

Elizabeth and Alan’s Big Canoe wedding from Bonnie Heath on Vimeo.

Rachel and Jay’s wedding at the Emory Conference Center

Rachel and Jay’s wedding was so beautiful, I’m having a hard time editing down to my favorite 10-15 for a blog post. So, I’m going to embed their slide show video. The Emory Conference Center is one of my favorite locations. Beautiful green space, and lovely architectural elements AND a gorgeous couple make for amazing photos!

Rachel and Jay wedding from Bonnie Heath on Vimeo.

Shelly and Glen’s wedding at the Social Goat Bed and Breakfast

Before Shelly and Glen met with me about photographing their wedding, I didn’t even know the Social Goat Bed and Breakfast existed. What a great location! Shelly and Glen hired Davina Cates of The Vintage Styled Life to help out with details. Top all of that off with an absolutely beautiful day, and this wedding made for some amazing shots!


Baby Donovan

My good friends Kip and Brian added a new member of their family to the household… Donovan. I dropped by their house for a visit and to take some photos of this adorable little guy.

I think he’s saying, “Stop taking photos of me, and pick me up!”

This one is my favorite!

Their cat Binky wanted “in” on the photo session. :)