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Hakizimana family photos

The Hakizimana family hired me to do some photos of the whole family, but I particularly loved the pics of their 10 month old son. He is such a little sweetheart!

Baby photos of Little Leo

My friends Laura Louise and Nick just had their first baby a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t wait to take some photos of precious little Leo. It was so good to spend some time with the tired and happy mom and dad. We put Leo on a vintage afghan that belonged to Laura Louise’s brother. Two of their pets, Francine and Flossie demanded that their photos be taken, too. It was a cute overload.


Alex’s Bat Mitzvah

The Levine family booked my several months ago for their daughter Alex’s Bat Mitzvah. They threw a lunch celebration for Alex at Luciano’s in John’s Creek. The Levines could probably help other families with ideas for Bat Mitzvah parties, because they threw an amazing shindig! The kids had their own buffet, goody bags with puzzles, a sweet slide show of family pics and then games organized by some of the actors at Dad’s Garage. The photo booth was a big hit, and the Levines brought tons of silly hats and other props that the kids enjoyed. The afternoon wrapped up with an improv show by the talented crew at Dad’s Garage.

Alex and her friends watch a slide show of cute family photos.

Competitive puzzle game.

This game involved getting a cookie to slide down your face into your mouth without touching it!

What Bat Mitzvah party would be complete without cupcakes?

Alex participates in the improv show by Dad's Garage.

Family photos for Margie, Joe, Shane and their fur babies

Margie is the owner and manager of a super cool business called Vegetable Husband. She gathers organic seasonal veggies from local farms and distributes them to weekly subscribers all over Atlanta. Robert and I have been fans of her business for over a year now. When she asked me to do photos of her family, I was thrilled! Margie had a great idea… she knew it would be next to impossible to photograph three humans and three dogs all looking at the camera, so she asked me to take shots of each of them, with the others out of focus in the background. She said it represented the chaos going on in their everyday lives. I loved the idea, and the shoot was so much fun!!!

This was one of my favorites of Shane and Blossom

Family holiday session

I’m friends with Nikki and Robin through our church. They are fostering Isaiah and are in the process of adopting him. He’s one cute and photogenic kid!

Nikki, Robin and Isaiah in their living room.

Nikki, Robin and Isaiah on their porch at their house in Grant Park.