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Lynn, RJ and Boozer

Lynn and RJ asked me to do some family photos for them that included their furry baby, Boozer. We met at a Morgan Falls Overlook Park in Sandy Springs and got some great shots. Boozer is a natural model!

Amanda and Chris in Piedmont Park

Amanda and Chris love their midtown neighborhood. They live just a few blocks from Piedmont Park and enjoy taking walks and spending time there. So, it seemed like a perfect place to do some fun, romantic pictures of the two of them.

Web site photos for Historic Roswell Chiropractic

I recently did some photos for Historic Roswell Chiropractic’s web site. These ladies were so much fun. I could tell it’s a fun place to work. We got creative with group photos, and they all seemed on board for some goofy shots.

The Ghosts Project

When my friend Davis Petterson asked me to do some promo shots for his band, The Ghosts Project, I was thrilled! I love their music, and I was flattered that he asked me to help them out. We shot at two locations, and old warehouse that will soon be transformed into The Big Nerd Ranch headquarters, and a field near my house. Here are a few of my favorites from our recent photo session. I also asked my buddy Nick to do some film photos with his toy cameras, so I’ll post some of those soon, too.

Need a creative photograph of your band? Email me for a quote!

Head shots for Dave

My friend David Striepe is a talented writer. He published his first book of poetry last year, Miniature Ships. He’s starting a blog, and needed some professional looking head shots and author photos. We took several shots in and around his house, which is where he does most of his writing.

60 second family portrait

Shavon, Kirk and their adorable daughter are members of Rob and I’s church, Kirkwood UCC. As we were leaving last Sunday, they noticed I had my camera bag with me. They needed a quick portrait and I had about 5 minutes to spare before needing to hit the road for my day job. I asked them to sit down in the grass behind our church building, and snapped a few frames. This was my favorite, and was the first shot I took! I think toddlers only have about 60 seconds of patience for posed photos, so maybe I should start offering more mini portrait sessions for families with kiddos.

Vintage Hollywood glamor shots

I’ve always loved images from the glamorous era of Hollywood’s 30s and 40s. I’ve wanted to set up a shoot to emulate that style for years now. I had to recruit some help for styling the shoot and my friends Becca and Christina stepped up and volunteered their fabulous closets of vintage props and make up. My friend Drew helped with the shoot and I recruited a bunch of friend and friends of friends to pose for us. We took so many photos it took me weeks to get them all edited. Here are a few of my favorites.

Head shots for Bill

My buddy Bill works for The Big Nerd Ranch and he asked me to shoot a head shot for their site. I got a sneak peak at his brand new condo which was a great place to take photos! I also got some a really cute shots of Bill and his dog, Chauncey.

Imagination Head band photos

This was a fun but tough assignment. How do you photograph six members of band without making one of them more prominent than the others? How do you avoid bad band photo cliches? Well, I don’t think I managed to do both of those things, but we got some really fun shots at the Playscapes by Isamu Noguchi in Piedmont Park.To hear some of Imagination Head’s songs, click here.

Stuff to Blow Your Mind

My husband has a super cool job working at He is a science writer, and has a podcast about science. His company recently re-branded it “Stuff to Blow Your Mind.” I offered to take photos of he and his new podcast partner, Julie for their Facebook page. But, how do you illustrate a hip, funny show about science? We took a walk around the grounds of Eyedrum Gallery‘s space in downtown Atlanta, and took a few cool shots with fun graffiti in the background. Their editors loved them!

Robert picked up some "sciencey" props at a toy store, including this DNA string.

That weirdly colored liquid in the beaker is Poweraid.

I love this Frankenstein guy. And, my husband is not bad looking, either. :)