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Alex’s Bat Mitzvah

The Levine family booked my several months ago for their daughter Alex’s Bat Mitzvah. They threw a lunch celebration for Alex at Luciano’s in John’s Creek. The Levines could probably help other families with ideas for Bat Mitzvah parties, because they threw an amazing shindig! The kids had their own buffet, goody bags with puzzles, a sweet slide show of family pics and then games organized by some of the actors at Dad’s Garage. The photo booth was a big hit, and the Levines brought tons of silly hats and other props that the kids enjoyed. The afternoon wrapped up with an improv show by the talented crew at Dad’s Garage.

Alex and her friends watch a slide show of cute family photos.

Competitive puzzle game.

This game involved getting a cookie to slide down your face into your mouth without touching it!

What Bat Mitzvah party would be complete without cupcakes?

Alex participates in the improv show by Dad's Garage.

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2012 Gonna Rock!

This is going to be one of these sappy posts about how I love my friends and I have the best group of friends ever. I have visual proof of their awesomeness because I set up a photo booth at a recent New Years Eve party.

Becky and Dave, party hosts extraordinaire.

My friends Dave and Becky have thrown a New Years Eve party every year for several years, and their shindigs are the best! Some might say that they are the social center of our friend group, hosting baby and bridal showers galore. They are also very talented writers. Becky does blogging and writing for several publications, and she also does crafting tutorials and recipes on Glue and Glitter. By day, Dave works for Cartoon Network. By night, he’s a poetry and fiction writer with his publishing company Timid Futures.

Christy and Davis, "2012 Gonna Rock!"

Christy and Davis are another pair of my super awesome friends! Christy is a local Atlanta crafter and runs the Indie Craft Experience. Davis is a drummer with The Ghosts Project. I’m hoping to do a band shoot for him very soon.

Nick plays rock music!

Nick Ingkatanuwat works for Cartoon Network and is a very talented writer, designer and musician. I wish I could post a link to his web site, but it’s super-secret. Below is a photo of his beautiful wife Laura Louise, who works for Vegetable Husband.

Laura Louise and Nick just found out they are having a boy!!!

Stealing a joke from Rob, "You are all deer to us."

No post about my loved ones would be complete without a silly photo of me and my hubby Robert. Robert is my best friend in the whole world and my biggest fan. He’s been writing for How Stuff Works now for almost four years, and I’m so proud of him. He’s also a fiction writer and has a book of short stories coming our soon.

I’ve decided I like my yoga teacher’s use of “intentions” better than “resolutions.” My intentions for 2012 are to build up my photography business and to start a family. Also, spend more time with my amazing friends. 2012 Gonna Rock.


PS Sorry friends not pictured! I love you guys, too. :)

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Photo booth for KUCC

My husband and I have been active in our community church, Kirkwood UCC for four years now! Recently, we helped host an art show and fundraiser for the church’s Soup Saturday program. I set up a photo booth and invited folks from our neighborhood to take silly photos of themselves for their holiday cards. We also held a silent auction to sell creative services and gifts from members of our church. We raised over $4000 to serve food to members of our community in Atlanta! Here are a few of my favorites from the photo booth.

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Katie and Umur’s intimate fall wedding

Katie and Umur had a lovely fall themed wedding at The Pace House in Vinings. I loved the pumpkins on the tables, and the Pace House has such beautiful old southern charm.

I love how their rings look on the antique sewing machine.

All of their friends and family surrounded them for their last dance.

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Marilyn and Bo’s lovely low country wedding

It was ridiculously hard for me to pick just a handful of photos for this blog entry. Marilyn has been a dear friend to me for over seven years, and since she’s been dating Bo, I’ve never seen her happier. Of course I had to shoot their wedding! Luckily, Marilyn’s friend Elena is a super talented shooter, and she photographed the wedding with me as a present to Marilyn and Bo. I also got my buddy Martin to help out so Elena and I could put down our cameras and the reception.

Marilyn’s parents hosted the wedding and reception at their property on the marsh just outside of Savannah, Georgia. Along with homemade pies, a low country boil and an oyster bake added to the beautiful southern flavor of their event. Marilyn made preserves and pickled veggies for wedding favors and a blues band played while everyone sipped on southern signature cocktails. Wow, what a great wedding! Here are a few of my favorites.

Marilyn's dress was her mother's wedding dress.

This is one of many, many beautiful shots by the crazy-talented Elena Gorelik.

Elena takes a break from her photos to help Marilyn with make up.

We took this when Marilyn and Bo saw each other for the first time. Marilyn's dad hung the swing for the wedding, and she added the rainbow streamers.

We walked down to the marsh for some photos before the ceremony.

Marilyn and her dad made this sign for the event.

Getting ready to walk down the aisle!

Bo's mom performed the nuptials, and both sides of the family performed music for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, we walked back to the marsh for more photos. This is one of my favorites!

There were no "official" mother-son, father-daughter dances but Martin got a great shot of Marilyn dancing with her dad.

One last shot before going to the after party!

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Fun with the photo booth at my 20 year class reunion

Robert and I set up the photo booth at my 20 year reunion in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. I graduated in 1990 from Southern Nash Senior High. The great thing about the photo booth is that it mostly runs itself. We grabbed a table close to the equipment, to make sure if someone had a question we could show them what to do. As usual, it only took a few demo shots to get everyone excited about being silly and taking some fun photos. A few drinks didn’t hurt, either!

Our senior class officers- Bud, David and Sabrina

Robert and I with my friend Jonathon and his wife Cynthia

April and Pam with their husbands

Me with Gary Barfield, a friend from high school.

Angela, Felicia and Deborah

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